iTunes Library: How do I know it's fully done loading?


I just signed up for Vox today and am trying to add all of my music from iTunes to Vox (100k+ songs). I thought I had synced up everything, but then it says “Loading iTunes” for a few minutes, then it starts displaying a portion of my music – but certainly not all of it.

Is there still music loading up in the background or am I doing something wrong? That is, if I just let it sit and load over time will it pull the other albums in?

Is there a limit to albums that you can pull in from iTunes?


Thanks for your post!

What VOX version + macOS version are you on?
Did you manage to enable XML sharing in iTunes?

We would suggest to use those two option (VOX>Preferences>Sources) to get your iTunes Library reloaded\synced, if the problem still persists: