Is vox dead?


loop doesn’t load
no admin/developer answer…
are they dead? no more support?
what’s going on???


Let’s hope not… but I wouldn’t be surprised… this has all the hallmarks of a company folding doesn’t it?

I think they bit off more than they could chew when they offered UNLIMITED storage… not realising that the people who would be attracted to this are the people with a lot of music, and of course people who care high quality streaming of their music are people who care about detail…

I think they are floundering and unable to get the system to keep up with the demand…

hopefully they can get it sorted,… but it’s looking less and less likely at this point.


A word of caution - download your library when (and if) it’s still available. If they’re going under, and it sure looks like it - server down, artwork broken, those ridiculous emails for “investors” - you might lose a lot of music if you don’t have it backed up and their servers go bye-bye.


I emailed them a week ago to get my payment refunded, because the service sucks with no response.


I gave up last night and cancelled my account. Back to iTunes music I guess :frowning: If they ever get their crap together I’d happily take another look, but I’m not holding my breath.


did they refund the money after you cancelled the account?


I didn’t ask for one. I’m only out $10 so I wasn’t worried about it.


I sent another email yesterday asking for an update and whether the service would be working properly soon. This is a quote of one line of the email I got in response:

“We plan to have a major improvement soon + new patch is coming out.”

Anybody else heard this? I’m hoping it’s a positive sign and not just talk… we’ll see. Still crossing fingers for a service that works properly happening very soon.


The artwork has again shown up on my MacBook, as well as on the phone app.
HOWEVER…newly uploaded tracks are not displaying album art on the Mac side, and on the phone it’s obviously reading metadata and coming up with artwork, as the art shown is different than my embedded image. At least a step in the right direction.


Hello people!

No, it is not. Grunge is.

First of all, we are deeply sorry for all inconveniences caused.
Sometimes, it just goes the way no one has ever expected!

We really looking forward to install the improvements we have been preparing to be a nice background for further upcoming updates and make them work brilliantly, as expected.
Obviously, we would need some extra time to finish it and keep going.

If some of you still have something annoying you or any kind of unsolved problems pending - please reach us individually - and we will try to find an individual solution for you.

Some of the most relevant problems will be solved in the next update, which is going to be released soon together with backend optimization.

Hope for further cooperation.
God Bless hi-res music!