Is there way to disable com.tumblr.TMDiskCache.artworksCache?


I have very small ssd hard drive, and i see, that Vox is caching artworks of all played files, even when there is "never show artwork" enabled, and "automaically download missing artwork" disabled. Is there way to prevent it?


Hei there,
Unfortunately, currently there is now way to disable that cache. You can use
Edit-> Clear artworks cache The options you mentioned doesn't disable artworks or their cache completely.


Would you consider implementing it? It doesnt make sense to cache it if you don't show it in any place. I love vox, but this small inconvenience bothers me a lot.


Albums and Artists in VOX have their artworks. Artwork cache limit is 1Gb. The fact you disable showing artwork on mini player and downloading from the web doesn't means that cache should not be used at all.


Excuse me dev but what you say doesn’t make sense. Why would we waste 1Gb of our drive’s real estate when we clearly never want to see any Artwork displayed? Just make your app consistent with the options selected and/or leave us the option to opt-out, what’s the big deal?