Is there a way to fix the “spectral wave”? ... And other things


Vox Cloud doesn’t shows the “spectral wave” in the ios player (it happens in the songs with M4A format). It only shows an empty bars... The “spectral wave” only appears if you download the song before. Is there a way to fix it or it’s impossible? Love the “spectral wave” (i dont know the exact name, sorry my english) but i hate it in that way. I repit it, if i download the song it works perfect but in streaming it looks like this :( Someone said to me that the m4a is a container and because it happens but i’m still thinking that it can be fixed... When the song is loaded can be analyzed and Vox might be capable to shows the wave... or not?

I’m still thinking that Vox is the best iOS music player ever. It sounds like any other but with the mentioned fix and these others it will be perfect:

- Lyrics, please
- The scroll is a little bit slow
- Add the Genres to the Library
- The stroke that you put in the artworks cuts a little the image!!!! :((this is for the perfectional people like me:))
- And a smart playlists generators (own) will be awesome


Here is a screenshot of what i’m saying.



I've had the same question for months ! Well I think it is a question of cache, but I can't be 100% sure : once songs are saved in the cache the bars show perfectly and while some people may say it's only a detail, sure, but we pay a pretty expensive price for that service, so let it be as perfect as it can get for our eyes as well !

I despise iTunes & Apple Music only for the looks, and I can also agree on the suggestions you made, especially on SORTING songs by genre, please tell me this is on your top-priority plans for the next updates.
Then lyrics support and metadata additionals such as booklets for classical & jazz, and more, just as you can find in Roon.
By the way, I cannot be the only one, but I really don't care about Spotify & iTunes being included in VOX, if I choose to pay for a high-quality music cloud, I don't care about other software.

If it wasn't for Tidal, I would go back to Roon, and Tidal & Apple Music on the go, though it is not convenient at all, so please make VOX nearer to perfect, it's already a gem you know.

Truly a fan,

Nicolas LOUPIA


What about this thing? Is there a future plans to fix it???