Is there a starters/beginners simple turtial?


Is there a starters/beginners simple tutorial? Vox looks to me very complicated. I use several cloud services and work easy on them, but Vox seems so complicated. It looks like there is a big difference between what I see on my iMac and my iPhone. I can’s see what is on Vox cloud and what not. Please pin me in the right direction.

Thanks, Hammie

BTW, I see a lot of topics without any response. And if I read these topics, it seems quite useful to me if there would be a proper response, special from Vox people…


I am a beginner like you and had the same issues. However, I found that the VOX version on the MacBkPro had the menu items that you can explore to understand what is going on. The mobile App on the iPhone has most of the same options, but the menus are embedded and you have to explore or experiment…they are there! It takes some patience, but I am now comfortable with the system. Also you can send your questions directly to the support group and they will get back to you.

On the website, there is an explanation of the benefits of the premium service with a description of the Apps, the settings and the different options. This should help also.


Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you please advise, which options are still not clear or seems sill complicated to use? And we will create some additional guidelines for them!