Is server down again?


is server down again? songs are not playing online, and not downloading for offline playback


Thank you for reporting!

No, our servers are OK!

What VOX + OS versions are you on?
Can you please advise what music source are you referring to? VOX Cloud, Spotify, SoundCloud?


I’m another customer. Same problem.Last version of everything (even IOS for Ipad) after reinstalling the message keeps saying

Guys…for sure you are loosing my renovation this December! No Revox as promised, no updates, sever down randomly, lots of promises. So frustrating !


Thanks for reporting!

Our will look into this.

Please don`t hesitate to reach our tech. support desk for additional information.


This is why I don’t use the Vox cloud.


I am unable to upload files now using either the VoxCloud Beta 3.0, or the website.


I just tried uploading on VOX loop running latest Mac 10.15.6 and newest VOX version. Says uploading and syncing but no files added. Proper broke.


and servers are down again. “very good”, vox. “amazing” service.


Thanks for your posts!

Servers are OK, if you are facing some trouble related to the service - please reach our tech. support desk to it resolved.


All sorted for me thanks all.

#11 has fixed the root of the Synchronization Error, so you should stop getting this error. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


No, server are slow and songs don’t play or download. Too many bug in your App and server.


I have the same problem right now…