iOS TestFlight


Two month ago you published the beta link of Vox iOS client on TestFlight version 2.5 (2504)

One month later you published version 2.5.2 on AppStore directly bypassing the TestFlight beta version.

Do you have plans to publish the beta version on TestFlight? Iā€™m eager to see latest changes.

P.D. You have news about ReVox status? A little sneak peek like a picture? :smiley:


Thanks for your post!

No, we don`t plan to publish a new versions in TestFlight in the nearest future, however, if a lot of users would love to get involved in testing - I will speak to the to change this approach.

If you personally would like to get access to unreleased versions - don`t hesitate to reach our tech. support desk and the will find a way to share it with you.

ReVOX is still in development, also we are making major changes to the server-side and updating the API to prepare the proper environment.