Invest Emails and Windows Support


I receive emails a couple times a week asking me to “invest” in the future of Vox, but have not received any updates with a release date of Windows/multi-platform support for Vox.



Thanks for your post!

ReVOX app with Multi-platform support and all other benefits is in development, I can`t share any ETA at this moment.

However, we got a VOX Uploader Closed Beta Sessions “opened”!

It is a first beta version of VOX Uploader for Mac and Windows. From today you can simply upload gigabytes of music to VOX Cloud using VOX Uploader app.

Send us an email -, and we’ll provide you with a “Beta tester” full access. You can also use your active account, but it is at your own risk, as it is still a Beta version!


I’ve already been assured that I would receive beta access multiple times in the past, but this is the first I’m hearing about this. Shouldn’t I have already received an email about this?



Thanks for your reply!

Please follow up our support desk on any of the mentioned tickets, where you have been pre-invited to beta access and provide them with the scenario (current account or new account) you would prefer.


Thanks… I’ve sent a follow up email to the support desk.