Integration of Qobuz


Hi there,
along with lossless streaming to my Marantz driven HiFi sound system, my greatest wish is to have access to my Qobuz account from within Vox. Another “sign in” button in sources setup for that reason would make me switch to premium instantly. :wink:
Are there plans to integrate with Qobuz? Couldn’t find anything regarding this here, yet.
BR Voki


Yes, we are discussing this opportunity with Qobuz right now, hopefully, we will be ready to introduce this feature in 2021, Q1.

Keep an eye on VOX!


better update your copy-pasta reply VOX, 2020 Q1 was 6months ago or ended at the start of this month if you are using the business calendar (please specify).
So… this ‘implementation date’ is looking rather unhopeful.
Or do you guys just live in the past compared to the rest of us


Assuming a typo, and guessing you meant Q1 of 2021, that’s good news! This would be the first HiRes player native (!) to macOS which integrates Qobuz – let me be clear here: take my money and shut up, then. :wink:
Please make the integration in a way that everything the Qobuz player does is here in Vox, just better. Okay, not the purchasing part, maybe, but surfing, playlists, moods, just everything. Paired with a lossless streaming possibility via my WiFi this will make Vox the best HiRes player out there.
Need beta testers? :wink:


And Spotify on Vox Mac ?


Thanks for your posts, our devs have already started working on the Qobuz integration, so you can expect some news on this case soon! We stay in touch with the Qobuz team, they are nice people.

We will keep posting updates on Qobuz integration here.


Yeah, we got this on our to-do list, hence we highly prioritize Qobuz integration at the moment.

I am sure Qobuz services are going to be integrated pretty soon, hence there is no ETA for Spotify on Mac yet.


Another vote for Qobuz integration. Their service is excellent but their iOS App is slow and clunky - would be amazing to use the Vox app with their streaming service!


We are now in the second quarter of 2021. When can we expect the integration of Qobuz?


Exclusive Hi-Res synergy kicks in! Finally, Qobuz joins VOX!

Now you can get access to over 70 million tracks in Hi-Res and CD quality audio content directly within the app.

And also, our partners in Qobuz have provided us with an option to get 3 months of Hi-Res music streaming with Qobuz for FREE to all VOX users within the app.

You can learn more here:


Great stuff! Hopefully this will mean more users and revenue so the app itself can be improved!