Independent Apple Watch


Would be nice if Vox could work without iPhone. That means streaming or at least offline playing.

Apple Music is limited to 8gb without a chance to stream. I feel dissappointed because I really need much more Music in Apple Watch.


Thanks for your post!

Yes, we have this on our to-do list. However, we are not sure how it should work, as Apple Watch would need a really lightweight and laconic, but efficient UI, we are also not actually sure about UX…that is clear that the stand-alone Apple Watch app should not have all the functionalities, that iOS app has, but what should be included for sure?

Any ideas on that matter are highly appreciated!


Share play queue - on start the watch app it gets the latest play queue from the phone

For the watch itself

Loop library > Artist > Scrollable Tracklist grouped by album > Play / Queue
Shared Collections > Scrollable Tracklist > Play / Queue
Active player > Play / Pause / (tap) Back / (tap) Next / (Hold to skip) Back Next
Swipe Up on Active player > Random / Repeat all / Repeat 1

Nice touch - get album art

Add to the iPhone app

A watch settings area for any watch settings too difficult for watch UI

If you want some help designing the UX / UI drop me a line.


I think “Now Paying”/“Manage queue” functionality would be more than enough for the Apple Watch.


You can’t be serious. The ability to add music and have the watch be an offline player is what we need at a very minimum. Having it simply as a remote control for Vox on the phone is a nice addition.


Is that implemented in other players?