Importing / migrating Apple Music Libraries into Vox


Hi there,
after Apple messing up my playlists and music libraries for too often, I am looking for an alternative.
Vox looks good, but there does not seem to be a way to import a specific Apple Music App Library; there’s an option for iTunes import, but I don’t have iTunes anymore. also I have several Music libraries and backups, and I need to select a specific library for import.
Is there any way to do that?



VOX app auto-syncs your local iTunes library on iOS or macOS, so you can expect to find your new music in VOX after you added new music to iTunes.

In order to initially sync your iTunes Library to VOX app:

  • Start VOX
  • Open Preferences…(⌘,)
  • Go to ​​Sources, click on Sync with iTunes Library or Reload iTunes Library Completely

Hope it helps!


Hi Gregor,

I’m a few months into this exact same process for the exact same reason. Here’s where I’ve ended up…

  1. VOX is now my daily player, and I bought a subscription to the VOX Cloud Library

  2. My setups:
    • macOS -> VOX -> USB -> Schiit DAC Fulla -> Headphones
    • macOS -> VOX -> AirPlay 2 -> ancient Airplay Express -> Schiit Modi 3 -> Stereo
    • iPhone -> VOX -> AirBuds
    No serious technical issues with any, sounds great.

  3. I gave up on the iTunes sync pretty quickly. It works, but wasn’t worth the bother

  4. Moved all my tunes to an external drive and unhooked Apple’s from my local files.

  5. Added artist names & release year to all the album folders, then removed all the artist folders
    Just a folder containing 2,500 album folders, ordered by artist. Weird at first, then love.

  6. THE BIG ONE >> Found Meta on AppStore and use it exclusively to clean up my files. The $3 art search add on is well worth it.

  7. Most everything I have is being slowly cleaned up and uploaded to VOX Cloud Library

  8. To replace Smart Playlists, I’m tagging album folders with various things and saving Smart Searches (hacky, but it works)

  9. I’m slowly deleting everything from Apple Music Cloud Library as I verify that my local copies are complete and get them uploaded to VOX Cloud.

For desk listening, I just drag an album folder on VOX’s local playlist:

For car / mobile, the iOS app works great.

I didn’t find a magic bullet to switch over, but once I got my feet on the ground and accepted it was going to take some time, I stopped missing Apple Music entirely. At this point, I only open Apple Music to stream and check out new stuff. Everything else is VOX, at my desk, in my car, out on a walk…

There are some occasional bugs, but I’m way, way, WAY less frustrated than I was in Apple’s

And Meta is a really great app.

Hope some of that helped!


Hi there, I get see an incomplete Apple Music Library. On my Iphone 13 mini there is one artist shown with one album, on my Mac about 20 artists with 30 albums (the one on the iPhone not included). But i have more than 400 in my Apple Music library - and no purchased Itunes album. Re-enabling mediathek synchronisation on iOS/MacOS did’nt change anything. Clearing the apps’ cache neither. What can I do?