Importing Failures is a Deal Breaker


Just getting started. I tried importing 4,000 songs. 1,700 of them failed to import. I then tried importing the failed files one at a time but none of them can be imported. No clear reason. They are all exactly the same format as the ones that successfully imported (mp3). So I deleted everything and started importing one album at a time. Nope. Those same files cannot be imported. Reason unknown.

I’m looking for an alternative to iTunes/Apple Music, so importing from their is not an option. I don’t use them.

This is such a shame. The software looks good, but ifI can’t get all my music into it, it’s unusable.

For the record, I tried importing through the web interface first. But after errors, I tried using the desktop app. Same problem.


I’m using this app with no problem to import my music.

In the other hand VOX Music Universal
it’s to erratical -at least for me- and I don´t use for that.


Hi, I have managed to import my library into Vox Cloud using Mac Music Player as a new subscriber however there are three files which continually fail to upload. It would be helpful if the Vox software could allow users to view which particular files have failed. If this is available I would be grateful if someone could point me. Thanks!


The most recent version of the cross-platform app VOX Universal (beta) can do that!

Check it out yourself: