Import Playlists (etc) from iTunes/Music


It would be very useful to have a tool that could import (at least) play lists from my original Music Library on the Mac. This would save a lot of time. Also, attaching to the Music Library and having that visible, too.



Thanks for your post!

Actually, VOX can sync\import your Playlists from iTunes and your iTunes Music Library automatically:

You can still use iTunes (Music) to edit and manage your music library and all changes will be synced to VOX app as well!


I’m new to Vox and may be missing something, but I don’t see my actual iTunes playlists showing up in Vox. When I click on the iTunes tab in Vox, I see the albums that are in my iTunes, but not playlists. This is important to me, as I play music mostly based on criteria such as genre, last played date, my ratings, etc. The main reason I’m still using iTunes is because I can set up smart playlists based on those criteria. So it would be great if Vox could replicate those playlists (recognizing that it is probably monumentally difficult to do so).