Implementing support for OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or other cloud services?


Any plans to allow users to link their cloud accounts to player instead of using Vox Cloud ?


Thanks for your post!

Yes, we do have such plans. Hopefully, our devs will be able to implement some of these cloud services in the new ReVOX app, as a music source.

Stay Tuned for new updates.


You have news about ETA for ReVOX app? We are waiting for long time ago.


Thanks for asking.

We are almost there, however, we have bumped into some minor technical issues on Windows, that will take some additional time to be resolved.

I will be back with an update as soon as we will be ready to start closed beta testing, we really appreciate your patience on this matter.

Stay tuned!


A screenshot of ReVox would be nice


Could you provide any screenshots, blog post updates or anything about the ReVOX app?

I really want to use VOX and I’d totally start supporting you today with a subscription if I saw blog post updates about progress. Instead, there’s been total silence- not a single screenshot or feature list or progress update. How can I believe it’s “amost here” just by your word? For all I know you haven’t even started developing and use a “technical issue on Windows” as excuse to delay it further.

Now I don’t think you’re lying, but the thing is- you don’t give the community any proof that this isn’t the case. A small company more than any other kind of business lean on a devoted community. I’d say we are devoted, but take us with your journey then! Release public beta builds - who cares if it doesn’t work on Windows as long as it does on other platforms! Or at least release where you guys are right now. I don’t think anyone here cares if you have to admit you aren’t as far as you claimed, as long as we know where you actually are.