iCloud backup



I have uploaded quite 100 go of ALAC on my iPhone and iCloud tries to backup it, any idea on how to deactivate iCloud backup for VOX ?



Hi Nemrod,

Actually you can do this under the following menu:
Settings > General > Usage - scroll down to Manage Storage
And choose the apps which you want to backup.

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Where is this controlled on iOS 14? I tried Settings > iApple ID > iCloud > Apps Using iCloud and I do not see VOX listed. My iPhone Backups are now failing and I suspected my 16GB downloads from my VOX Cloud were causing me to blowout my iCloud storage. Are downloads from VOX Cloud in my attempted/failed iCloud Backups? If they are, is there a way to turn this off?



I agree. The majority of the apps allow to toggle within the iCloud settings if they should be excluded in the backup. This is not possible for VOX since the app is not listed. I would expect that this needs to be implemented in a VOX update soon. :wink:


You can do it via iOS Settings, here is a little guide.

On iOS 10.3 or later:

  • Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud.
  • If you use iOS 11 or later, tap Manage Storage > Backups. If you use iOS 10.3, tap iCloud Storage > Manage Storage.
  • Tap the name of the device that you’re using.
  • Under Choose Data to Back Up, turn off any apps that you don’t want to back up.
  • Choose Turn Off & Delete.

When you confirm that you want to Turn Off & Delete an app, it turns off iCloud Backup for that app and removes all of its information from iCloud.

You may find more info on Apple Support page: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204247

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You can test this for yourself, but VOX is not listed among my apps using iCloud for backup