I want to cancel my subscription


I don’t know how to use the Vox player/editor. There is no manual or set of instructions, and I can’t get useful help. For these reasons, I wish to discontinue my subscription.



Thanks for your post!

You can find a piece of useful information here: https://vox.rocks/forum/c/kb

If you have some questions or don`t know how to do this or that, please just post them here and we will help you!


I have been trying to cancel my subscription for 2 years. Vox just took $190+ and it is still an unreliable program with HORRIBLE tech support. If you find a way to unsubscribe I would love to do the same.


We are sorry to hear that you want to stop using VOX, still, if it’s your final decision we can surely help you with that:

If you’ve bought VOX via the website: https://my.vox.rocks/account, you should Log into your account https://my.vox.rocks/account > Manage the Subscription > Cancel.

If there is something else we can assist you with - please reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support and they will provide you with more information and individual assistance!