I paid for Vox Premium but it is not recognized


I purchased subscription to Premium through App Store on my iPhone. App Store shows I am subscribed to VOX Premium, but my VOX player keeps telling me Upgrade to Premium.

I logged out and logged in but nothing changed. I also tried VOX Clould on PC (Win10) through Chrome, but again I was not recognized as a Premium subscriber.

Does it take some time for you to register me or something?



Thanks for your post.

Please try to restore the purchase using VOX app to get it validated.

How it’s done:

Open VOX app > Go to Settings > Scroll to the bottom of the list and press “Restore In-App Purchases”.

Please tell me how it goes?


I pressed it and nothing happened.

One note–I did not purchase subscription from the App–I did from the link you sent me with a promotion email to offer some discount.

Now I see it is activated. Not sure what I did worked or it just took a few hours.