I feel deceived


I have made purchases from your company, the app, the radio... and I remember you guys asking me for 'support', maybe mentioning some analogy of buying 'a cup of coffee' in the dialog.
I liked the features such as the EQ and Audio Units, and thought it was reasonable enough to make further purchases enriching my experience with the app.
So I did get you guys 'a cup of coffee'.
I thought I could make more use of those features with additional payment... until now.
Supporting you guys got me nowhere, and those features were taken away from me.

I do understand the temptation to implement subscription services.
In fact, it perfectly makes sense for 'services' to have them.
However, for the features that were already there, especially with paid customers, even if the payment is not directly related to those features,
this is not the right way to do it.


I agree. I actually bought the App plus the radio, and now everything I'd considered that I'd paid for previously I now have to pay again (OK radio is still there), not only once but on a yearly basis.

I mean, what content are you guys providing to consider that a subscription service is warranted. Are you providing music content, informational content, any content? NO.

VOX is now dead, and deleted, so can anybody recommend me an alternative that's just a simple music player that isn't asking me to sign into god knows where and pay more every time I want access a function that I previously had.


This when commercial demands cause the implementation of anti-features.


Also very disappointed by the new updates. And I thought Vox made a difference when they just started and that they won't go the usual money-hunger route....


If People purchased the app as a one time purchase and afterwards were asked to pay a subscription fee then they should be given at least one free year access to VOX. It would give them time to decide whether they want to continue to use VOX. If this is what VOX has done, that is disgraceful!!


Please contact our tech. support in direct: https://vox.rocks/support

Sure they will help you to figure it out.