How to update album art for songs in VOX Cloud


The artwork for several albums did not come across while moving my music collection to VOX Cloud. Is there a way to update the artwork (or tags) for songs already uploaded to VOX Cloud - without needing to repeat the upload?



Hi there - cover art is hit and miss in Vox. Generally it depends on what file types you are importing.

To make sure the correct artwork displays I put a jpeg into each album folder and it uploads with the album, displaying directly.

There is no other way to change artwork within VOX currently - you have to add the artwork and re-upload.


Thanks for your posts!

Unfortunately, that is true…we are working hard to finish and release a beta version cross-platform app that should cover our users` demands for VOX Cloud management tools.

Almost all members of the VOX Team are waiting for those tools to become available too! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!