How to update album art for songs in VOX Cloud


The artwork for several albums did not come across while moving my music collection to VOX Cloud. Is there a way to update the artwork (or tags) for songs already uploaded to VOX Cloud - without needing to repeat the upload?



Hi there - cover art is hit and miss in Vox. Generally it depends on what file types you are importing.

To make sure the correct artwork displays I put a jpeg into each album folder and it uploads with the album, displaying directly.

There is no other way to change artwork within VOX currently - you have to add the artwork and re-upload.


Thanks for your posts!

Unfortunately, that is true…we are working hard to finish and release a beta version cross-platform app that should cover our users` demands for VOX Cloud management tools.

Almost all members of the VOX Team are waiting for those tools to become available too! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


Waiting in high anticipation too! :smile:


Personally, I enjoy the process of tagging my flac files with metadata using an editor like Picard for macOS. Just a suggestion… but if VOX is having trouble developing a method that allows users to edit their meta + artwork for tracks already uploaded to VOX Cloud, would it not be easier to setup a feature that can auto-fetch basic meta (title - album - year - artwork)?

You could have an option to turn metadata fetching On/Off so a user can choose. Perhaps you could even use Last.FM as a source database since you already use their Scrobbler. A lot of amazing iOS media player apps (like Infuse Pro or even Plex) do this. Personally, my favorite database is (the one used for Picard) MusicBrainz because it can even scan a tracks based on their AcousticID, recognizing what a song sounds like.

And of course you could provide users with the required file naming format if they want the database to recognize their music. I think MusicBrainz recommends a minimum of: “Artist - Title”


In the mean time, if anyone is interested in a quick tagging method for all of their music (Flac/mp3/etc). Picard for Mac is a great FREE tool. I’ve been using it all week, and have already tagged over 100 albums in my free time.

My only note: if you are into a lot of underground artists or have music that is not commonly available on places like iTunes or Spotify… I would recommend creating a free account for MusicBrainz database. This will allow you to quickly create or edit releases, so you can add a track list, art and basic info. Alternately you can also just add this custom meta directly to your tracks if you think you won’t need to access it again.


Ah :slight_smile: I just signed up today to check out this service, and yes the first thing I found lacking is file management at the server side via web browser.

Would be nice to:
Create, rename and move files and folders in tree view like Google Drive.
Choose upload folder destination.
Edit and manage file tags.

Anyhow thanks :slight_smile:


I have had time to try out a few different metadata editors and I’ve actually come to find much better results from the Kid3 editor, it streamlines the process a lot more if you take the time to setup a couple presets. My best piece of advice for FLAC and uncompressed audio files though:

If you want to embed artwork cover into these files, make sure to resize larger images (1000x1000 or greater) down to a more reasonable size like 500x500 or 600x600. VOX can only display a max of 660x660 I believe. Any larger and you can run into issues with certain media players struggling to playback. And even more issues if you try to convert a flac with embedded artwork into another format (it can reduce the quality of your audio permanently). I have a few sources that breakdown these issues, nerdy stuff… but if you’re interested DM me.