How to put VOX collection from iPhone onto mac?


I created some VOX collections on my iPhone, and want to transfer them to VOX on my mac. I have VOX Premium, looked at soundcloud, but cannot figure out how to get the VOX collection from iPhone to soundcloud. Signed into soundcloud both in iPhone and mac, and now what?



Currently, Synced Collections should be created using the VOX for macOS (Main app) and synced over all other devices, such as VOX for iOS (mobile version) and all other macOS devices you got.

We believe that creating Synced Collections using macOS (Main app) and syncing them to iOS (mobile\secondary version).

However, we are already aware of the majority of the issues connected with synced Collections feature.
The development of the new module with a brand new mechanism is already underway!

Also, we would suggest managing your SoundCloud`s playlist right on their website ( and got them synced to VOX app (both iOS and macOS will got those Playlists).


So transmitting collection from iPhone to Mac is impossible. Too bad. Have to start from scratch again.