How to organize files in the Cloud


I wonder how could I manage (delete and replace) music files already uploaded to my VOX Premium Cloud. Any advice would be welcome. I am using a PC to upload files and the iOS player with my iPhone X



Same situation
in the site it is specified that the “drag and drop” is possible only with the Mac app
and that “some browsers” have limitations with file transfer.
In reality, the browser use is completely unmanageable and inadequate.
I still wonder why there is no trial period as for every paid app that we test
Is for these reasons that I have not invested in the app but I hope that the situation can (should) improve


Man I think that’s one of the great mysteries of the early 2018’s.


Hi Everyone!

We are really determined and working on a multiplatform app to make it possible. Hope we will have a progress to share with you very soon!

Untill that time you would need full operating MacOS and VOX app installed to access VOX Cloud and manage it.

You can also reach us individually to get an assistance !