How to download synced collections on iOS


I have created a synced collection on my Mac and I see it on my iPhone Vox app but i can’t download the collection.
Due to the size of the flac files I always take by favorite albums and songs offline so I don’t eat all of my data so I’m hoping there is a way to do this?


Hi there!

Thanks for asking!

Please advice what music sources were used create a Collections you would like to listen offline?


I just used songs from my Vox Cloud library in the OS X client. I don’t know that it really matters anymore since the collections aren’t working even online. It just skips through all of the songs as if they can’t be found.



If you got such troubles try to use “Clean cache” option and/or reboot VOX app.

You can combine YouTube Playlist with your Spotify playlist in single VOX Collection for example, so I need to know which music sources were used and what could be the root of the problem.

music sources were used create a Collections