How do I add files to iPhone?



I've been unable to find a way to add flac (or any other files) to my iPhone running Vox. Can this only be done via LOOP or your existing iTunes library? This should be made clear when downloading the app.

Any help would be appreciated



Loop is the primary way to add FLAC files to Your VOX library, however, You can use standard way used to add files to any application - using iTunes->iPhone->Applications (select VOX, You will see VOX's Documents directory where You can upload files from Finder.


VOX can plays's songs. I sync music normaly with iTunes, but I don't use, I use VOX player (I want to scrobbling music to

Yoy must check this feature.


Sorry, I mistake... I don't see Soundguy only can use FLAC, SORRY!



I have added music using the manual iTunes method above. I added 40 albums formatted in ALAC.

When I open up VOX on the iPhone after and go to Library (show tracks as List), only 20 albums are listed correctly (the first 20 alphabetically), and then all the other songs in the remaining albums are shown grouped into one entry at the bottom called 'Unknown Album' with 'Unknown Artist'. When i click on the that Unknown it will show every song from the remaining 20 albums listed as the file names alphabetically.

I tried removing all the albums, and added just 21 albums. Same thing happened but this time the 'Unknown Album' with 'Unknown Artist' list entry only contained the 1 excess album, but still listed the tracks as file names with no meta data.


I have the same problem like John. No mether if I change mp3 or flac TAGs, again I have problem with sorting.


John, Radim,

Thank You for comments. We are working on sorting issues, it turns out that when number of users multiply new bugs reveal very quickly.

Currently Loop puts tracks in "Unknown Album" in case it was unable to read it's meta tags. Please make sure the tracks You see in these albums have correct artist/album tagging, and delete/upload them again.

Let me know of any further issues/success


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