Hit and Miss results dragging to collection



I have been using Vox for some time on my Mac and iOS devices, without issues. My main music library is managed, on the Mac, in Swinsian.

Recently I spent some considerable time tidying up the library and updating my playlists in Swinsian. As a result I needed to updaate my collections in Vox. I decided the easiest way was to delete the existing collections and simply create new ones (I have the luxury of a good, fast intenet connection).

In doing this I have had very odd results. Sometimes I create a collection, drag the songs from the corresponding Swinsian playlist and it works just fine. Other times, despite repeated efforts, nothing appears in the collection and nothing uploads. and, occasionally, a handful of the songs in the playlist are randomly copied across.

I’ve now spent a couple of hours trying to work through this and am baffled. The only clue seems to be that is the larger playlists that are having the challenges - the biggest is 408 songs.

I’d welcome any thoughts on what I am doing wrong or how I can get around this please.