Hit and Miss copying of music to Vox



Apologies for the double post - couldn’t see my original and assumed I had done something wrong so re-posted - at which point the original popped up.

I have been using Vox for some time on my Mac and iOS devices, without issues. My main music library is managed, on the Mac, in Swinsian.

Recently I spent some considerable time tidying up the library and updating my playlists in Swinsian. As a result I needed to update my collections in Vox. I decided the easiest way was to delete the existing collections and simply create new ones (I have the luxury of a good, fast intenet connection).

In doing this I have had very odd results. Sometimes I create a collection, drag the songs from the corresponding Swinsian playlist and it works just fine. Other times, despite repeated efforts, nothing appears in the collection and nothing uploads. and, occasionally, a handful of the songs in the playlist are randomly copied across.

I’ve now spent a couple of hours trying to work through this and am baffled. The only clue seems to be that is the larger playlists that are having the challenges - the biggest is 408 songs. having said which I had the same issue on a playlist with just 36 songs!

I’d welcome any thoughts on what I am doing wrong or how I can get around this please.



Thanks for your post!

This might happen when VOX can`t get to the actual files, please check if files are accessible in Finder and try to Drag&Drop mentioned files to VOX.

Please advise if you are adding files to the Collection or to VOX Library?


Hi Steve,

I too am having issues copying as little as 3 files to the vox cloud. Files seem to upload for me but won’t show up in the app on my ipod touch, I have to upload the same file multiple times before it shows up, but will have 3 or 4 copies in my Vox Universal App for Windows. Very ridiculous and frustrating. Wasn’t like that a few days ago.


Hi, Thanks for contacting us! Please reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support to have it sorted!

Please provide them with your email assosiated with your VOX Account and the name of the tracks you are reffering to, so we could do some tests and get it improved.


This clearly is an issue with VOX in general and not specific songs. This needs a FIX ASAP


Did you hear back from support on this issue?