Hi-Res files on iOS app



When I play a 24/96 file through the VOX player on my Macbook Air, connected to an external DAC, the correct sample rate appears and the file is outputted properly at 24/96. However, when I download the same file on my iPhone 6s, also connected to the same external DAC, it outputs at 16/44.1. Am I missing something, is there a setting to get the VOX iOS app to send the correct sample rate and bit depth? I'd like to be able to play everything through VOX (hell, I'd even pay more if I could get these hi-res files to play), but as it stands now I have to play the hi-res files through the Onkyo HF Player app for the correct signal to be output.

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Vox for iOS has the "Sync sample rate" as on desktop. Did You find it? it's in the Audio / EQ settings.
Also, does Your DAC support sampling rate Your hi-res file has?


That worked. Boy, that option is really hidden, but once I turned it on it did the trick. You guys rock! Now I can honestly say this app is the best thing since streaming itself. Thanks again for the quick response.



Where is it? I can’t find it.


You found it? Vox already said it :slight_smile:


Thanks, yeah, I did find it. They changed the name, instead of sync, like in the desktop app, it’s either a choice of sample rate off, match, and upsample. But it is very hidden. It’s where the BS2D is located as well.

Thanks again!


I ts a good Idea to use iPhone 6 to just listen some good music, but I am not sure that you really can mitchmass that betrait with your mobile controller. Cause iPhone 6 is not campable with HI-RES audio connectors an there more cheapest way to just use some RS quality filters and aplifiers to just get much more from you audio output.