Help on iTunes Settings



I couldn’t find any guide and explanation on Vox settings for iTunes. Too bad there is no bubble help for each option nor a a guide for settings.

1 Update iTunes library on Vox startup
What does it mean exactly? I though Vox was getting updating from iTunes and not the opposite. Especially I don’t see what you can do on Vox that will impact iTunes library.

2. Keep non-existing files when loading iTunes library.
I don’t understand that either.

3. Sync with iTunes library.
What do we sync here? Vox from iTunes library changes? Or something else. What is the difference with my point 1?

4. Reload iTunes library completely.
Same here, what does it mean? A new full upload of iTunes library?

About Collections settings I also have some questions.

5. Auto load music from folder.
What are we talking about here? Which folder? Especially there is no choice to link any local folder.

Thanks for precious help.