Has Vox been abandoned?


I’m new to these forums but have been using Vox for many years. I’ve noticed the app has been stagnant for years now, and can’t remember the last time a new feature was added. I’m not referring to security updates or squishing bugs, I’m talking about the user experience. Every
feature request is met with a canned “we’re considering it” response. I’m not going to list the many features that have been requested for years now — we all know what they are.

All this leads me to believe that Vox feature updates were abandoned years ago.


they are working on an updated app solution that will be cross platform, windows, mac, mobile versions…
its currently in closed beta but… well I think half of the closed beta app’s lack of functionality is due to them not wanting their beta testers to just not buy the release version and keep using the beta version or something (lacking local playback is a very strange design)…
other than that progress does seem slow.


Now that’s funny!
Anyways, it’s a moot point: I’m done with Vox on iOS because I discovered Evermusic. It does everything I need (Chromecast, DLNA, browse local files, etc.).


Thanks for your post!

The current version of a VOX app that has been just released as a part of the Closed Beta testing - carries only basic functionality onboard.

Yes, we have decided to include VOX Cloud streaming to ensure that Cloud playback capabilities are working fine on various devices, yes you can expect OneDrive and other cloud storage providers integration in future versions, as well as a local playback!

(lacking local playback is a very strange design)


Sure it is not!

We are working hard to implement all features we believe are essential for our service and which are in line with the service`s philosophy.

It just takes time to get everything done, but we stay focused and keep on moving!


Instead of working on the features that you want, why don’t you listen to your users and work on features they want?

We’ve been asking for Chromecast, local file browser, and other basic features for years, some for many years, but all we’ve seen are your canned responses.

Anyway, like I said, I’m testing Evermusic and it has all these features for free (I paid to remove the ads). The UI is not as polished as Vox but it’s way more functional than Vox, and more importantly, I get to play my music the way I want to play it (not the way you think I should play it).