"Go Premium" button


I understand the need for this button since it’s what the fine people at VOX are getting paid of, but to me it seems too much in your face and not going for the whole minimalistic vibe that the player wants to present. I don’t mind having it there, but can we have it in a less saturated and bright color?


Also, I would gladly purchase the app if it wasn’t a subscription model. I really do not need the cloud library, radios or soundcloud and streaming services. I know subscription model is what everyone is going for these days for the revenue, but I really don’t have any need for the services and I do want to support the developers. Maybe consider such an option for the future.


We didn’t want to make separate purchases for all additional services we provide, in order to not to spoil the user`s experience, in case you have only part of the features purchased.

However, I will collect your feedback and make sure it reaches the VOX team. Probably, the marketing team will consider making corresponding changes to the Freemium package!