German article and umlaut support


Dear Vox team,

first of all I wanna say a big thank you for this fantastic app! I really enjoy to use it!

I just wanted to ask, if it would be possible to include some support for german artists?

  1. Sort artists with “Die …” like “Die Toten Hosen”, like you sort the english “The”.
    So “Die Toten Hosen” would not be listed at “D”, but “T”. Like “The Cure” is not listed at “T”, but “C”.
  2. Sort german umlaute: Ä/ä = Ae/ae, Ö/ö = Oe/oe and Ü/ü = Ue/ue.

This would be really great, if it doesn’t make too much afford for you.

Best Regards,


Hi Tom,

Thanks for reaching out!

Please advise what OS and VOX versions do you got?
Are those songs uploaded to VOX Cloud or stored locally?


Hello Vox_Support_Team,

I have MacOS 10.14.3 with VOX Version 3.3.7 (Build 3370.1) and on my iPhone Version 2.3.8 running.
These songs are all uploaded to VOX Cloud.