FLAC files metadata encoding


Hi VOX team

Loving VOX player and Loop, thank you for all the great work!
I have one minor annoyance, though. I routinely run my purchased FLAC albums through MusicBrains app on my MacBook, so everything is well named, organised and have proper album artwork. And all the names are showing well on my system, even if I add the album with diacritics in its metadata into VOX player’s playlist.
Now, the problem arises when I upload those files into VOX Cloud. For some albums, the encoding becomes botched. I especially see this problem with the artists’ names like Jóhann Jóhannsson (displayed as Jyhann Jyhannsson, or even stranger variations – see attached), but i.e. Félicia Atkinson displays properly.
The files’ metadata is saved in ID3v2 v2.3, and UTF-16 encoding.

Could you please shed some light on this?

Thank you,



Thanks for reaching out and for your efforts providing such a perfect description of an issue!

IF you absolutely sure about the metadata inputs being ok. I believe the problem could be solved by changing non-Eng symbols like: ä, 意味 ジュニーク・ニコール
to some ENG analogs. Not all of that symbols, but part of them, might be the root of the problem

We are looking forward to having it generally fixed, but currently, we need to avoid such a symbol in the track’s name or meta-tags.

Look for more info about how to change your tags here: How to tag files properly