Final Straw / Alternatives


I’m now thinking of leaving VOX due to unresolved issues and lack of support. I appreciate this may be a passion project and maybe not priority for the owners of VOX but at the end of the day this is a premium service for which we are paying and I’m currently not getting the service I’m paying for.

Does anyone know of any alternatives that offer a similar service that actually works as it should?


I’m sorry I can’t recommend anything. However, I wanted to confirm similar frustrations with the app and its patchy functionality. It seems that every player or service I’ve tried fails to cater to my needs fully. Either some [vox] element doesn’t function (smooth reliable streaming over Airplay 2) as intended or doesn’t offer native support (sonos selectable Vox service). It’s not a whole lot different if I choose a different service (Spotify only offers what it can stream, no cloud service) or multiroom speakers (e.g. apple Homepod won’t share with Spotify). There seems to be a glaring hole that anyone wishing to dare to be slightly different with their needs is being uncatered for…sigh.


Totally agree, VOX has the potential be something truly special, that’s what is so infuriating!


Here is an alternative >>>

I think is better like this …


I’m gonna give Plex a try. I’m so bitterly disappointed by VOX. Uploading my collection to a new service will be a task in itself!


Just joined VOX and already frustrated but I’m forced to admit it is more due to my own lack of thinking clearly about my requirements. Like QJames said above, all the music management options miss some mark: Apple/Spotify/etc. are all more incentivized to keep you subscribed, advertising new media and trying to lock-in content (e.g. Joe Rogan).

I want to be able to:

  1. Access all the music I have
  2. Access most music data formats
  3. Sync across phone and desktop
  4. View all my songs in a simple spreadsheet format
  5. Categorize and sort by multiple tags
  6. View songs on small screens without the annoying “album art” taking up valuable space
  7. Maintain playlists across devices
  8. Explore new music and purchasing options when I want to but NOT on the home page, every time I open the app, etc. etc.
  9. I never want to get locked out of my catalog (Thanks, Apple)

Are these unreasonable? If not, why does it seem so difficult to find?

I hoping Vox will give me 1, 2, 3 and 9. I despair for the rest.


VOX is a great app or should I say has great potential however I’ve had issues uploading new songs for months now which they have not resolved. If you check the forums there are others with the same issues.

I am giving VOX a month to fix this or I’m moving to PLEX


I have to sad to say that VOX won’t / can’t solve or fix this problem.


How many people use VOX? Why doesn’t everyone have this problem? Is it due to library size? I don’t understand why this forum isn’t more filled with complaints


Other options:


I’m a bit puzzled as well. You would think the community would be much more active here or on Reddit if the community is of critical mass


Thanks much for the links! I will check them out. Of my requirements above, do you think one of these address and of 4 thru 8? Do any nail them all?


Indeed! And if I prune my collection (ie. delete a file) I need my cloud to stay in sync or the cloud to give me lot’s o’ options to manage


VOX has given up it would seem. I am going to try PLEX as this appears to give most options.