Files not downloading on iOS


Just like title says. Tried clearing cache. I have a subscription and I’m trying to download music from my library but all the songs are stuck on “waiting”, both on wifi and data.

Edit: they also won’t play. Basically, I can’t do anything.


why am I even paying for this thing? Nothing works. Crazy price of 5 euros / month even for basic features like EQ and then it doesn’t even work.

Sure as hell I won’t be renewing.
Player is full of potentials but it is simply an endless issue. Devs every once in a while pops some update on the appstore to make the app look like it hasn’t died (the main new feature of the latest months was removing the EQ from the free version…).

meanwhile they grab money from a non working app that has been left to itself



Did you try to re-boot your VOX app to continue downloading?


I had to unistall the app and reinstall it several times before I got the downloads and even the straming to work again.
The problem with that is that everytime you unistall and reinstall the app loses its data and so you need to re-download your entire library once again.

This isn’t a proper solution and I wish there was a fix for everytime this problem pooped up (as it hinders the most basic of features, playback)