Files App Support


The files app for iOS came out over two years ago, iOS 11. Is there a reason VOX still doesn’t support it? As of iOS 13, Safari now features a built in download manager.

Wouldn’t it be good to completely cut out the need for a pc by allowing someone to access the VOX documents folder via the files app? It’s a very simple thing to add:

You already have iTunes import, it would essentially be the same except that you could copy/move files directly on the device itself using the files app.

I know you can ‘share to VOX’, but this is tedious at only one file (song) at a time. At the moment, the only reason I can think for not adding files support is the need to push people to use your cloud services. It’s literally two additional parameters in the info.plist. I’d add it myself if there wasn’t going to be an issue with entitlements (CarPlay for instance).

I hope you consider doing this, in the mean time I’ll keep looking for another app to do what I need.


We’ve been asking for something like this, or even better, Google Drive/DropBox support, and nothing is even remotely in the works for these, despite YEARS of empty promises. Good luck with this one.


Which is crazy when all I am asking for isn’t even development, it’s literally adding two lines to a text file. You don’t even have to recompile the application.

Pretty poor effort, clearly looks like I should continue searching for something else if that’s too much trouble :upside_down_face:



I will make sure your request reaches the dev. team and hopefully, we will be able to introduced requested feature in VOX app.

There is all personally I can do about that :slight_smile:


As the others say, just give access to files via a 3rd party app. You can give a disclaimer that such access is at your own risk.