File/folder based browsing


I took out a sub over Xmas in the sale but it was a waste of money so I have cancelled it. I uploaded my entire Classical collection to Vox Cloud but it just made a complete mess of the library, I have all works organised using folder structures, for classical usually composer/type (i.e. symphony, chamber etc)/work because most of this was ripped before the days of ID tags and this works fine for me but Vox seems unable to cope with anything not based on tags. It was suggested to use Collections but to use that I need to find the pieces to put in each collection but they are scattered around under ‘Artist’ or just not in any usable fashion so I can’t do that. A simple file based system would be better, I have my library organised, I don’t need Vox reorganising it.

Posted this under MacOs not Cloud because the same problem is present not just in the cloud but also locally on my desktop - I simply can’t use Vox the way I need.

The annoying thing is I had to pay a sub just to find this out, it is not clear in the marketing that there is this limitation.


Agreed 100%. I’m in the same boat (hundreds of GB of classical music) and I really need folder based browsing.


I have tags on all my music, even then it is impossible, “Album View” creates an album for each solist/band on Albums with more than one Solist or band, how can anyone use this?


You can always use Compilation tag to get all the songs by various artists to a single Album in “Album View”.

Please see how it is done here: How to tag files properly