File browserrrrrrrrrr


Your player is awesome but there’s one problem
Please add file browserrrrr
It’s necessary guys
Please add an option to can add music to library through Files pleaseeeeee :((((((


Thanks for your post!

What VOX + OS versions are you referring to?


First off, I am not a Mac guy. Secondly, why is there no file browser?? Geez, you Mac guys simplifying things just makes things harder, not easier. Where’s the damn file browser???


Don’t hold your breath.

No file browser and no Chromecast capability are the two reasons why I don’t pay for Vox. Both of these features can be found in free apps yet have been requested on Vox for years now.

What tge Vox devs are really good at is getting you to hang on to their “check back with Vox soon” canned responses to pretty much every single feature request.


Well, having to borrow the wife’s Mac just to delete a song or two from VOX is a royal pain in the @$$. Not only that but why is the Mac VOX player so damn small? I gotta hunt for glasses just to use it. A more user friendly PC player/browser would be much appreciated.