Few questions before subscription


Hello, since Vox is embedding Qobuz, i’m very interested in subscribing. I still have few questions before that i did not find answers. Thanks in advance for your support.

Uploading Structure : i understand that during uploading, Vox only keep music files, but does it maintain the original structure of folders (ex : Artist/Albul/Tracks) and if need to download, would this structure maintained ?

Uploading from a NAS : i use a server to store locally my music and i have a backup on a QNAP NAS. The network connection of the NAS is much more quicker than the music server and i was looking for options to upload and sync directly the music from the Qnap instead of the music server. Is there any application for QNAP to achieve that or any options ?

Thanks a lot.


Answer to question 1 is yes all metadata is maintained.

Not sure on question 2


Thanks a lot. I m not talking about metadata but folders structures : if you upload with a folder structure on your computer like Artist/Album/tracks, if you download later would it download on your computer with the same structure Artist/Album/Tracks or a different one ?

This option is really interesting as it allows you to backup your music.



I think only the tracks themselves upload rather than the folders but I could be wrong!