Failed to upload files


I'm trying to upload .flac files to my Loop library, but I get an error saying "Failed to upload 3 files". Upon retrying, I get the same error message. The Loop uploader was working fine for me yesterday, but now it isn't working at all. I have a lot of music I want to upload, but I can't at this rate. Not sure what to do!


Wellcome to VOX support forum.
Please try to re-login to LOOP cloud and upload that album again.
Awaiting for more comments from You, should You have any!


I am having the same issue. Just tried to upload my first files, and already a fail…tried logging out and back in, same thing.



Thanks for reaching out!

I need to know some details in order to help you with this:

Which OS and VOX version are you referring to?
How do you try to upload music files mentioned (Drag`n drop or using watch folders)?
Where are those music files are stored (Local drive, External drive or NAS)?