Failed to upload 32 files


I'm running Vox 2.5.4 21540.63 on a 10.10.5 MacPro late 2013. I receive the error message "Failed to upload 32 files". If I hit retry I get the same message. Looking at the console log it shows:

8/29/15 03:55:09.778 com.coppertino.VOXCloud[337]: Error occured while сheck file homemovie.mp4 {
    answer = {
        cmd = check;
        error = "Can't check block";
        status = 8;

The file is in my iTunes Media directory, Home Videos subfolder.


Checking with QA.


Hi D_moor,

Thanks for reporting this problem!

We will fix it withing the next updates. Meanwhile - could you try to upload these files from another folder?

Let us know if it works for you.



The problem is I don’t know what these 32 files are. Is there a way to find them?



Similar issue here, error msg re upload of x files, but how to easily find out which they are?


And what is the overall amount of files that you're trying to upload?


I have been keeping my loop pretty much up to date so in terms of new uploads when I received the error. I would guess that it was under 50. Some of these uploads I think (but am not sure) were done before the error occurred.

My library itself is 1180 albums, 13872 songs, 345 GB. But, again, most of this had already been uploaded to the loop.


hi, I have the same problem. never happened before. I have two loop accounts, in one I could upload several files 3 weeks ago, in the other account I get for the same files the message "failed to upload 143 files". is really annoying, so I hope you can fix it. I could convince my son and my husband to buy also a Loop account, now they have also the same problem with some files.


That's weird actually, could you please send us logs that appear when you are experiencing your issue?

Here is the instruction:

  1. Launch Finder>Applications>Utilities Folder>Console. Once it's open, click on "Clear Display".
  2. Try to reproduce the problem with VOX.
  3. When it is done - go back to Console and in the Tray Menu click on "File">Save a Copy As…

After that - send us a .log file that you have got, so we could analyze them.


For me it's not the failed upload that bugs - it could be I've moved the files from where I had them. But it is not helpful that neither the interface or dialogue box gives info as to which tracks they are (NB you might remove the 'are' from that dialogue box).


I see, we will improve this.

Thanks for noticing!


Exact same problem here, 4 years later. 221 files in my case after uploading my entire library. The worst part is having no way of knowing what I’ll not be missing out on.