Extremely Slow Servers


Sorry, but I’m just not going to put up with this anymore.

MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015) - macOS Catalina 10.13.3 - VOX 3.3.17
iPhone 8 - iOS 13.3.1 - VOX 2.4.1
WiFi (100Mbps Download - 50Mbps Upload)
Melbourne, Victoria

Steps attempted to fix the issue:
Clearing Cache (both iOS and macOS)
Logging in and out of all services (both iOS and macOS)
Completely uninstalling the app (both iOS and macOS)

The thing is, sometimes the servers do function, and I can listen to my music on my internet. The issue is, literally more than half the time they’re not. I am appalled that you offer a premium service, promising unlimited non-compressed streaming of my music, which you obviously can’t deliver on.

I want this fixed immediately; and for the fix to stay permanent. Every other high-res streaming service functions on my internet connection; VOX should work as well.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry, but I now under the impression that you are straight-up ignoring me. What kind of customer service is this? @VOX_Support_Team


Thanks for your post!

No, not at all, however, there is not much I can tell you on this matter right now…

We will conduct an investigation, in order to check our servers in Australia and make sure they are working fine.

May I ask you to provide us with some particular time period, so we would be more exact while checking the servers?
Can you describe what exactly doesn’t work? Streaming, uploading, downloading, login, ect?


There is no particular time period; somedays the servers are slow and unusable; other days they’re fine. Streaming, in particular, is impossible; there is simply no way of me streaming my music from VOX cloud without it previously cached*. Downloading and uploading music to the cloud is affected too, resulting in much slower speeds, especially in downloading; but is still considered usable. Logging into VOX is completely fine, but the webpage is sometimes incredibly slow to load.

*I understand that many of your users may not experience this issue, due to all their content being cached; but I have very little space on both my Mac and iPhone.

Thanks for reaching out, and being honest about the situation. I hope my information can assist you in fixing this issue. Apart from this, I love your service; and I am very excited about the upcoming reVOX app!