External DAC will only play 48kHz


I just bought an Audioquest Dragonfly RED, which supports up to 24 bit 96Khz, and I’m using it on my iPad Pro with a USB-C to USB adapter. But inside the VOX app I only Get 48KHz tops. No matter if the music is 88 or 96 or 192khz all I get is 48khz.

On Tidal I do get up to 96KHz with the same setup.

So what’s going on? is the app limited to 48Khz?


On VLC I get all the Original sample rates, up to 96Khz.

And I get those as well on the iMac with the Dragonfly connected. But not ok the iPad.

Can you please fix the iPad app so I can get 44.1, 48 , 88.2 and 96Khz playing out of it?

Even a cheap cloud player like CloudBeats does it! And I just find out that I can store my music on OneDrive and listen to it like that. And it supports all the sample rates.

So, if you don’t fix the app, I might as well go for the alternative that’s free.