External DAC will only play 48kHz


I just bought an Audioquest Dragonfly RED, which supports up to 24 bit 96Khz, and I’m using it on my iPad Pro with a USB-C to USB adapter. But inside the VOX app I only Get 48KHz tops. No matter if the music is 88 or 96 or 192khz all I get is 48khz.

On Tidal I do get up to 96KHz with the same setup.

So what’s going on? is the app limited to 48Khz?


On VLC I get all the Original sample rates, up to 96Khz.

And I get those as well on the iMac with the Dragonfly connected. But not ok the iPad.

Can you please fix the iPad app so I can get 44.1, 48 , 88.2 and 96Khz playing out of it?

Even a cheap cloud player like CloudBeats does it! And I just find out that I can store my music on OneDrive and listen to it like that. And it supports all the sample rates.

So, if you don’t fix the app, I might as well go for the alternative that’s free.


I am also experiencing this. I have the “Sample Rate Management” on the ipad set to match. On mac it works fine, but on iPad it keeps telling me the output device has an SR of 48000. I am using a latest generation iPad pro with a Dragonfly Audioquest Cobalt.


Do not delete the app! I thought that would fix it, but can’t even delete the app! It won’t delete at all! It’s back every reboot, without an icon.

I’m gonna have to delete my whole iPad just to get rid of this app.


After a complete restore of the iPad, the VOX app uninstalled, I installed again, but the problem still persists.

No output above 48khz.


I have this problem as well, on a new iPad Pro 12.9, and I even tried using the Audioquest Dragontail adaptor to see if that would help (as opposed to the Apple USB-C to USB-A female adaptor) but it didn’t.

96KHz FLAC files in my Vox collection are only playing at 48KHz.

This is especially odd because when I play the same files on Vox on my iPhone XS Max on the Dragonfly, they do come through in Magenta and the full 96KHz.

What is the reason this doesn’t work properly on the iPad?


Hi there. New to Vox here. Same problem on brand new (5th Gen) iPad Pro. Tidal and VLC outputting at 96kHz for Master files. Can’t get higher than 48kHz from Vox. USB-C to Classe CP-800 DAC.


Same thing happens; everything is downsampled to 48000 with my Chord Mojo.


Same here. Mac and iPhone apps play hi-res at hi-res sample rates. IPadOS app only plays at 48k. Apple Music, VLC and HiBy Music apps all send >48k to my external Fiio DAC.

Please fix! Or at least acknowledge that it’s a bug that’s logged and maybe even in the queue to fix.



Bump. I haven’t noticed this issue myself but if it’s an issue for all it needs resolving. Is it a display issue or literally not playing at the highest sr?


Thanks for your posts and follow-ups!

We are investigating this happening based on your reports, looking forward to getting to the roots and coming up with a fix for that!


Was there a resolution here?



Still an issue as of version 2.6.7.


Still not working on iPad…


Where do we set the SR in macbook version of VOX? Thank you.