Erratic Uploading Speeds


Is there anything I can do to fix the Vox uploading? I have a Gigabit up/down connection and my speedtests consistently give me that kind of thoroughput. And yet, with Vox, I only get about 1.5-2.5 MB/s for a good 15 min or so and then the upload falls steadily down to about 9 KB/s where it just sits and stalls until I restart again. Trying to upload a roughly 3TB library is just not looking possible at this kind of performance. So frustrated right now, especially since I’ve just spent 2 weeks making sure my ID3 tags were cleaned in a separate application and all of my DSF files converted to FLAC (since Vox doesn’t seem to be friendly with DSF ID3 tags).

It feels like at every turn this app just wants to frustrate me on every level.



Thanks for reaching out!

Please advice how do you manahe uploading? Do you use macOS VOX client or the web-tools?
What VOX for macOS version do you have?


I use the MacOS VOX client. I am on 3.3.7. I have found that the web-tool client is unreliable as it tends to stall out after only one or two tracks, so the mac client is my only option. Running it on a 2018 Macbook Pro to, as I mentioned, a Gigabit connection (up/down). All files are Flac and I just drop them in a few at a time.