Equalizer now a Premium feature


I must say I am very disappointed, but not surprised, that you have moved the equalizer on the iOS app to being a Premium feature. I wish you would reconsider this. I can understand that you might not want to offer full equalizer function for free, but maybe you could leave us just the standard presets for free? On the other hand, I would be willing to pay something for this feature, but not as much as the Premium package costs. I won’t make use of anything else. What if you had different pricing levels, where the lowest level could include things like equalizer presets, and might be US$0.99/month? or maybe you could charge for the app a one-time fee of, say, US$10 for the app with certain basic stuff like presets enabled? I would be willing to pay that, and I’m sure others would, too.

I really don’t want to give up VOX and try to move to another player because I really like your product a lot. Hope you can do something for us.


I can confirm this issue is affecting me too. This is such a shame because the EQ was one of my most used features, and I have found no other app that offers the same set of features as VOX.
I would be more than happy to pay a one-time fee for the EQ, or even just the presets, as the OP suggested.

I really hope the developers will listen to the feedback here. Many of us are not willing to pay a recurring fee just to access core functionality (or rather, regain access to it).