Edit Metadata


How do I change the metadata? Most everything I upload goes to various artists.


Thanks for your post!

You would need to use any meta editor you would like, for example the kid3 utility, that can be downloaded from here: http://kid3.sourceforge.io/

You can learn more from this post - How to tag files properly


I think this is one of the biggest features I’d like to see incorporated into the MacOS application. This is a tremendous pain in the neck when you see you messed something up. You have to delete the album out of your library and then reupload it again. Tremendously inconvenient.


I thought so as well but then realized VOX can’t do everything, nor can you expect it to.
So I did a little research and found META
Now it take a couple extra clicks to dump every album rip into Meta and it fixes completely including covers.
then I simply add to VOX and everything is beautifully organized…

but…now if we could just get past this first name sort problem…


It wouldn’t hurt to have Vox options to ignore album artist/composer, etc when sorting… but I think it’s unlikely that any new options are going to be added any time soon.


I could manually change it in Meta, but I’m so tired of needing to do that and have basically given up on sorting by last name be automatic. I can search J for Jack or John, I don’t care anymore…just happy to have a relatively inexpensive place with unlimited storage for music files…cheaper than buying a disposable drive