Duplicate Files


Where are the folder files located on a mac? I have mega duplicates and deleting is too slow manually.



We are currently developing the method to remove these duplicates automatically.

Thanks for your understanding on this matter.


Suggestion for IOS app. Landscape mode would be a plus for viewing. Especially in the car or truck when driving.


chmfisk, use Song Sergeant (Mac OS X) and do some housecleaning to fix your stuff!

I say that sarcastically.

Still, Vox, when you implement this, please include priority formats. i.e Use Apple Lossless over Apple iTunes AAC files of the same song.




I`am actually having the same problem pthat previous users have described, duplicated, sometimes three or four times, songs, this is a big setback and makes almost impossible to listen to any album as you have to skip tracks all the time.

If there is any aditional info y can provide to help you solve this issue let me know, I am very happy to finally have found some lossless stream service, but this is too big a setback to keep being suscribed to your service unless it gets solved soon.

Best regards


Hi Daniel,

Which version of VOX do you use? We've implemented duplicate removal feature in the recent updates.

Waiting for your reply.



Latest one fro the app store, version 1.0.7 from July 14th according to apple app store information, also downloaded yesterday new version of loop for my mac, i have tried not only killing the app, but reinstalling, etc, and the problem persist,

On the contrary, on the vox for mac app, everything works just fine


Daniel, if we understood you correctly - it does not show up the duplicates on OS X but they appear on iOS, right?




Yes, you have understood it perfectly.

On Vox for OSX -> zero problems so far
On Vox for iOS -> duplicate songs, or triplicated songs, see attachment

I forgot to mention that some of these abums duplicates have appeared just today, i mean, yesterdaythey did not exist.

I have my vox account registered to Loop with the same email i am using here, in case you can see my uploaded files and account, see if there may be some clue there to help you solve this issue.


Thanks, our new iOS version is waiting for review and as soon as it will be approved - these issues will be fixed.

Feel free to write us back anytime.


Grat to know that, thanks a lot.


October of 2019 and the issue remains.

This is why I cancelled my subscription: The idea is really good but poorly executed. Shame.


Thanks for your post.

Can you provide us with the song names?
Are all of those tracks stored in VOX Cloud?

Can you make a screenshot of the duplicated files and attach it to your next post?


I’ve had this problem for a while also. I have these scattered in my 4000+ tracks in Vox.
I’ve attached a screenshot.



Thanks for your post!

Please indicate what iOS and VOX versions do you have there?

We’ve introduced a deduplication logic some time ago, and it seems to be working fine on our hardware + your account (the lastest OS + VOX version), our QA team has re-checked that on my demand.