DSF metadata support


You mention that VOX supports playing DSD files. I tried uploading some DSF files, which contain their own metadata tags. The files upload and play correctly, but VOX/Loop won't identify the metadata. That results everything being uploaded under Untitled Album. Given that VOX/Loop don't have the ability to edit the metadata tags, how can I keep DSF files in Loop music locker with correct metadata?


Hi Mahmood,
Thanks for reaching out to us.
Unfortunately, VOX currently does't support DSD/DSF tags.It will be implemented later. Unfortunately, you can do nothing to make it work. All You should now, that we are aware of this problem and it's on our ToDo list.
Thanks for using our app!


I actually found a way to get the job done. You can make it public
somewhere so that the other clients can fix their problem. The following
should be done for each album separately and in a separate directory:

Create a cue sheet for the files, using their own metadata. I wrote a
simple script for that:

Extract the album artwork to a jpeg file and save it in the same directory
(folder.jpg or cover.jpg).

Now in VOX choose to upload the whole directory.

That's it! VOX will automatically associate the image and the metadata from
the cue sheet to the album and the files.

This solution obviously works for the files that do not support metadata
and id3 tags as well.


Nice workaround! :)
I'll leave this open.


Is there any documentation that explains how to actually run this script? There is nothing on the page and I am completely baffled by how to get it to run. Not being able to upload any of my DSF files because they show up as “Untitled Artist/Untitled Album” is pretty much the only thing keeping me from using Vox at all, but if I was able to get this to work it would completely change that.


I have found another, easier solution. I use Yate for Mac
Drag dsf files from folder into Yate and go to File->Create Cue File and save it into the same folder as files together with cover.jpg


GOOD GOD, THANK YOU. I was ready to cancel my subscription because of this issue. Thanks for the advice! Worked perfectly.


does VOX premium support DSF metadata? i can’t find any information on that. DSF metadata aren’t showing up for me in the free version of VOX.


how to edit album covers that are uploaded to the cloud? vix premium


Yes, sure, however, we recommend creating a .cue file to handle the meta.


thanks! is there a link to a guide that shows how to create the cue for DSFs?


See drybak’s solution above.
There are freeware programs available on Windows.
You can also create your own cue sheet with any text editor.