Dropouts Streaming Through Cellular Network in Australia


I’m experiencing frequent dropouts in audio when I stream from my files in the cloud. I’m wondering if this is because of our poor cell network data rates in Australia and if there’s a way to optimise the performance, like some kind of buffering setting: Like a setting you can change so Audio doesn’t play unless a certain amount of data has been buffered so I don’t get audio chopping the song up in to little bits. Note: This doesn’t happen all the time, but when I does I just switch to playing my music some other way, last time I played some things from youtube tagged HD and there were no interruptions.
I play through a Dragonfly Red DAC out of an iPhone SE, but I experienced the dropouts before I had the DAC too



Thanks for reaching out!

Can you check if this problem appears only on celluar net? Everything is ok on WiFi?