I know you can upload unlimited amounts of files to the cloud. Is there a way to download files from the cloud? on my mac I download songs to computer but where are they stored? is there a way to download albums back to a local drive? I have lots of music on the cloud but have lost original source files and am wanting to make a backup copy of the albums. Thanks for any advice, sorry if this has already been asked, I didn’t see the answers needed.


Yes, sure!

You can use both VOX Universal (beta) andVOX Music Player for macOS to download your original files uploaded to VOX Cloud.


If you’re using VOX Universal…

To download, open an album, click the … icon next to a track, and click Download. This really needs to be on the Album but it’s what we have for now.

Re: download locations — Click SETTINGS at the top of the left sidebar and you’ll see OFFLINE STORAGE LOCATION about 2/3s down the page. You can set this location to wherever you like.

If you’re using VOX (the mini app)…

To download, make sure the app is expanded (… in the lower left of the minified app), then switch to the VOX Cloud tab. Right-click on any album and you’ll see a Download option.

Re: download locations — Open Settings from the app menu (or CMD-, on a Mac), click the VOX Cloud tab and you’ll see Save Downloaded files To:. You can set this location as well.

I’ve not experimented with how these two app play together if you set both dowload locations to the same folder :man_shrugging: