Downloading music from cloud


How can I download selected albums or all my music to a folder on a Mac?


Hey Alex,
Thanks for reaching out to us.
Have You tried to click the download button? :)


When I click download I am not prompted for a file location, and cannot
find where the app is storing the files. Also I am looking to download
several or all of my files at once.


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Screenshots attached.


Thank you, that is helpful.

Is there a way to download all files or an entire collection beyond
individual albums at a time?


Just select them all (Command+A) :)


Great, thank you for your help!


It appears the ability to download multiple albums has been removed, and I need to download ALL of my files for offline playback on a Mac. Selecting one album at a time would take several hours, and is not an option for me.

Also the preference for download location has been removed. *correction: found the preference in the Loop task bar. Was looking in the Vox app.

When downloading individual albums: half the time the app organizes them by folder, the other half it just dumps them in the root folder.


Hi Alex,
The ability to download all together was never available. It's connected to technical difficulties to implement that. Currently, you can download one album or one artist.
Downloading artist-by-artist will save you some time.

It is my hope this information helps! Have a great day!


Thank you for your response. Per comment #5 in this thread, I was previously instructed to select all files (command+A) for downloading my entire library.

In regards to the bug I mentioned regarding downloaded file organization, my current workaround is to re-import everything into iTunes for it organize the files in to folders.


Oh.. Yes, you are correct.
Apparently, some misunderstanding took place. Download option newer worked with COMMAND+A. That's for sure.


Is there any update on this topic? Is it now possible to download all library with one single action?