Downloaded content is deleted after a few days


I’ve been having an issue with the latest version of Vox on iOS 15.4.1 on an iPhone 12 Pro (and several previous iOS versions) where downloaded albums are deleted after a few days.

Initially, if I was to download an album and switch to airplane mode, that album would be playable. However, after a few days, even though that album still shows up in the offline content filter in Vox, it isn’t playable when in airplane mode and has to be newly streamed or downloaded in order to play.

Offline playback has worked perfectly since I started using Vox in 2018, but a recent update seems to have killed it for me. Has anyone else had this issue?



Same here, music shows as downloaded actually not playing from offline


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Thanks for the reply. Good to hear it’s not just me… let’s hope this is fixed when they’re next able to get an update out.

I’ve taken to transferring albums to Vox for offline listening via iTunes for now. Kind of archaic but it works!


Any chance of getting a resolution to this? Offline storage used to work fine, and now it’s been broken for a year…